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In Computer Maintenance on April 3, 2009 at 10:09 pm

Should I Leave my computer on at night?

To power off or not?

There are several factors at play here. They include the following:

  • There is virtually no power-saving advantage to powering off your CRT monitor. The energy consumed to keep your tube warm may extend the life of the monitor itself and in the end may save the University more by leaving it on.
  • If your PC is managed:
    • You are better off leaving it on as operating system patches will be delivered to you overnight and your PC will be patched by morning. If you power it off patches will still be delivered but not applied until the next scheduled application time. In Academic Support this is 5am the next morning.
    • In terms of Virus Protection, you are again better off leaving your PC on. Virus definitions will arrive overnight and a full scan of your PC will happen at that time. If you power it off you will still receive virus definitions when the PC comes up, but you will have missed the scanning window and have to wait until the next scheduled scan. If this time is again at night time, your PC may never actually get scanned.  To make matters worse, if you turn off Real-Time Scanning, (the feature that scans a file when it is opened) you could easily be infected.
  • If your PC is client managed (meaning you manage it yourself):
    • Obviously the sooner you patch your operating system the more protected you are from viruses and hackers that will take advantage of it. Windows XP has the ability to automatically do Windows Updates. If this is not utilized do manual updates on a regular schedule. Since you are choosing the method and the schedule you are the best one to decide whether-or-not to leave your PC powered up.
    • The same is true of anti-virus updates. Choose a schedule that best suits your work schedule and make sure your PC is powered on then it is scheduled.
  • Some hardware like Hard Disks fail less when they are never powered off. There may be a hardware cost associated with powering your PC every night.
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  13. My computer was frozen, has a virus! Mike fixed everything without me having to stay home! I called him and left! I had tons of pictures that I was sure I was going to lose but he saved evrything! Thanks Mike! You’re a computer wonder!

  14. Amazing is all I can say about http://www.Logonfixit.com, and their lead technician Mike. After my PC suffured for about a week with a evil virus, I had all but given up. In a final effort I enlisted Logonfixit.com to see what they could do. I was shocked when he was able to help remotely from his location.
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  15. The best experience I’ve ever had with computer repair. Beats the crap out of dragging your computer to a repair shop, or calling Computer Geeks to make a house call.

    Mike’s incrediblely fast (especially at pinpointing the cause of the problem I was having) and, to be quite honest, it was a blast actually watching what he was doing.

    You absolutely can’t beat the professionalism of Logonfixit.com – and did I mention that the price was a breath of fresh air!

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  16. Mike did a fabulous job with my computer. I found him online after I got a wierd virus out of nowhere. He worked very hard and cleaned up my computer in no time. Plus his prices were very reasonable. Since that positive experience I have given his name to all my friends and family. They have all started coming to Mike with their computer needs. I have used him multiple times to keep my old hunk of Junk alive and have never been dissapointed. No problem he can’t fix. Thanks so much for all your time and help mike!

  17. Micheal,you are the best,if you think about it is the only way to go,you can repair computers while they stay at home.I am glad I met you and your sevice.Have a nice day!!!!!

  18. I had major problems and could not find a solution. My hardware was warranteed but I know I would lose about a week of going back and forth with shipping, etc… I contacted http://www.LogOnFixIt.com and was responded to immediately. Within minutes of my inquiry they were working on it. There were several issues. It was late at night so I left them in charge and by morning I was up and running like the day I purchased my computer.

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  21. I’ve used Logonfixit.com three times now! I’m always more than satisfied with the experience! They always find the source of the problem quickly and then goes the extra mile and cleans up anything else they sees that’s not right! I’m rarely happy with customer service these days but I’m tickled with Logonfixit. Thanks again!, Jeff

  22. For whatever reason, our network and server was not responding and we needed to get it fixed immediately. After searching online for a solution I came across Logonfixit.com and was amazed as the ease of getting help. The process from start to finish was very smooth. In the future if I ever have a problem with my computer, at work or at home, I know exactly where to go to get it resolved.

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  23. Have you ever taken your computer to a repair shop and had to wait weeks to get it back? If the answer is yes then you haven’t heard of “LogonFixit.com”. Recently I had a problem with my computer, while reading e-mails I was having internet “Pop ups” open while I was trying to read the e-mail. A call to “logonfixit” and Michael was working on my computer to correct the problem. He continued to work on it after I went to bed and when I awoke in the morning the computer was repaired and a note of suggestions from Michael on ways to make my computer run better. I would suggest to anyone that they keep “LogonFixit.com” in mind when they are in need of computer repairs. Thanks again Michael

  24. August 20,2009
    I can’t begin to tell you what a pleasure it was to find http://www.LogonFixit.com. I told him the problem I was having, and He took from there. He explain to me different things,which I was not aware of.And the price was more then reasonable, and He didn’t want it right away,that is something, in todays world.
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  25. August 28,2009
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  26. How grateful I am to the guys at LogOnFitIt.com can’t even be put into words – I had spend 4 solid days trying to resolve my issue by myself and online with various software help folks, all of whom seemed to simply be reading off a script. When I called and spoke with the tech at Lofi (at 9 pm, no less!) he logged right on to my computer and, while he was unable to fix my problem, he offered the correct diagnosis (I needed to wipe my drive and start over) which I was able to proceed ahead with on my own. And he didn’t even charge me! Where else can you call somebody at 9 o’clock at night to give you the answer to a problem that has been plaguing you for days? I highly recommend LogOnFixIt.Com, and if I run into another problem in the future (hopefully one that they can fix, so I can pay them) I will definitely be back! Kudos to LogOnFixIt.Com and THANK YOU!!!!

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  30. We highly recommended http://Logonfixit.com. Over the years I have had to have computer techs come to my house or I had to take my computers to be repaired. LogOnFixIt.Com was great with his communication and very professional. My computer was freezing and stalling; I was at a standstill and could not get any work completed. After his services my computer is running like new again. Most importantly, he treated us like we were his only customers! He was never in a rush or in a hurry. Business was conducted in a very professional and curtious manner. Most of all, I was 100% comfortable throughout the entire process. No house to clean for the tech, no worrying about reconnecting my wiring, no strangers in my home and most of the work was completed while I was at work or after I had already turned in for the evening. Great job! LogOnFixIt, you and your company are lifesavers.

  31. I love this guy. I can’t imagine why anyone would go anywhere else for help with or to repair their computer. I give him 6 stars.

  32. Love you, LogOnFixIt! You’re awesome! Fast, FAST, FAST, friendly – and you thoroughly explain everything you’re doing! Couldn’t ask for better service! Will definitely recommend you!

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  36. I had 2 dells that were in real bad shape. The tech got them working flawlessly like new again. He was relentless and vowed that he would get them to “rock”. He did. Thanks again. I will definitely let everyone about this great service.

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  38. Michael has been working with me continuously to repair on going problems with my pc. He has continually been there to assist as the problems pop up. I cannot say enough positive about my experience with this company. They are thorough and complete and even have a sense of humor. Thanks so much for being there!!!

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  43. The process was fast and effective. It was fascinating to watch him work his magic in cleaning up the mess that had accumulated and slowed our computer down. The technician was available by phone during the entire process and was happy to answer questions that arose as I watched. If I have similar problems in the future, this is where I will come for help.

  44. This site saved me. I am hardly ever at home anymore (weeks out at a time), and use my laptop for everything. When my Internet browser went down and I couldn’t fix it myself, I thought that I’d have to send it back to dell, or pay big money at a computer store, and be without my computer for the weeks I was out. But instead I did a google for “same day repair” and found logonfixit.com, he got right with me and had the problem fixed (even though it took him 11hrs), he even fixed my home computer in the process. I will be using http://www.logonfixit.com from now on for those computer problems I can’t fix myself. Thank you for the quick responce and not giving up till it was fixed.

  45. 5 Stars
    Well, there is not much to add from the previous people. LogOnFixIt.Com is great. They not only fixed my computer, but my sons also. If you are really bored you can watch what he is doing while watching tv. Sometimes he might call to ask you to do something. http://www.LogOnFixIt.Com is the only one I will call about my computer. Great service with a smile.

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  50. I live in Northern Italy. My desktop, a HP quadcore, from some time was almost useless with games. It kept crashing, the screen went blank. I found Logonfixit through the enthusiastic comments by other customers, and I asked them for help.
    It was a great experience! At first I was quite dubious upon letting some stranger take command of my PC but then, what do you make when you take your computer to a phisical assistance center? Besides, what a traditional assistance center would have made, according to my past experiences, would have ben to reset the PC. Logonfixit not just helped me in finding the problem without losing any data, but also optimized the machine, which now is really rapid and performant. They also installed a very efficient antivirus, Progam.
    I was really satisfied by the service, and the price was quite reasonable. I’ll recommend Logonfixit to all my friends and acquaintances.
    Thanks, LogOnFixIt!

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  52. I never thought getting my computerS in order could be so easy and so quick. I’ve procrastinate for months to contact ‘LogonFixit’. I was referred by my 84 year old mom who could not say enough good things about ‘LogOn’…..and she was right. My computer hasn’t worked this well since it was new. Oh…..and the cost?? Well, much more than reasonable

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  53. This ones for you LogOnFixIt,Your expertise an know how has given new life to my computer, not only did it fix the clunker you restored life an pizazz into her. Thank you so very much. Its been a honor to watch you work , your a computer god so great ,your the best .your buddy Dottie,

  54. By phone and by online chat, the technician at LogOnFixIt was cordial, informative, and even fun. Moreover, he has remained helpful by providing information about an update to software we installed in the process of repair. I will not hesitate to call upon him again. LogOnFixIt persevered through the eradication of a very nasty virus that all but made my laptop inoperable.

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  55. I found this site through a recommendation from someone who told me she had a problem and that Logonfixit was instrumental in researching the problem and helping her to get a new computer due to the nature of the problem. She told me that the technician took several days to try and figure out her problem and ONLY charged a minimal fee once the problem was resolved. I logged on and they FIXED my problem with-in minutes in addition to learning about a new security configuration. The technician was friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. I would recommend LogOnFixIt.Com to anyone.

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  58. I watched the Phillies game while you guys repaired my computer. I woke up the next morning, Presto. It was fixed like new.

  59. Thanks so much LogOnFixIt for cleaning up my desktop, you were very helpful! Half the price of Best Buy AND as a bonus I got a better anti-virus program installed and included in the price!! What a deal.

  60. This service is exellent and LogOnFixIt knows what they are doing in every technical way, and you dont have to disconnect any wires at all. I will recommend them to all my friends and Family!!!!

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  62. LogOnFixIt was the best service I’ve used in a long time. Great people to deal with. . .and they don’t make you feel foolish or stupid. My computer was a complete disaster. Hands down the best deal and service. I have to say I was skeptical at first, and actually ended up shocked at the level of professionalism and knowledge LogOnFixIt delivered. To each is his own, but I know that I will NEVER use another service to repair any future computer problems. LogOnFix is a true diamond!
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  67. Thank you!!! I didn’t have to leave my house for my computer to be fixed.

  68. LogOnFixIt.com spent roughly three hours cleaning up a computer that has been through at least three users, myself now being the fourth, each user leaving behind his or her personal preferences, and each personal footprint muddying up the works a bit more. After the initial clean up, we talked again, and it was fine-tuned based on current needs. Not only are they brilliant about the computer, they were a pleasure to work with, managing to create a personal interaction via the phone. I had no problem putting my computer into their hands. Totally would recommend the firm to others.
    Natalie Lawrence

  69. LogOnFixIt is the VERY BEST!!! They have worked on our computers in Texas and Georgia. Not only are they experts re: the computer issues, they are a real pleasure to work with – day and night! Highly recommended! We have been working with them for almost 3 years!

  70. LogOnFixIt is the best you can get. At home or in your business they connect to your computer and fix the problem. I have had several of the computer at my store work on and every time was more than pleased. The service and convenience doesn’t get any better than this.

  71. I am so very impressed with LogOnFixIt and the extraordinary, above-and-beyond service they gave me when my computer got infected for the first time since I bought it 5 years ago. And I never had to leave my home! Everything was done remotely and I was even able to leave my computer on and have them work on it overnight while I slept! The tech was always easy to reach, knew what to do in a variety of situations, and was true to their guarantee when the infection came back a few days later. This time he eradicated it for good, gave me new anti-virus protection, and we’ve been good to go with no problems for 8 months now. I remember sitting for an hour when I brought my computer in to Best Buy last year and hearing the tech guy tell one person after another, “Sorry, this can’t be fixed,” “Sorry, we can’t do anything,” “Sorry, you’ve lost everything.” Plus they charge double what LogonFixit does for virus removal. I never lost a single KB of data with LogOnFixIt.com in charge. Not only that, they are easy to talk to and very patient with OCD types like me. I can’t recommend their service highly enough. LogOnFixIt.Com CARES!

  72. I had an issue with my emails and I wasn’t able to send or receive emails from outlook. i called Mike and he fixed the problem so fast! Thank you so much log on fix it for such a fast service which is very immportant to my business.

  73. Got to say, love these guys. Always there for me..never disappointed.

  74. LogOnFixIt is the best. I was having security problems and he and I was having problems paying my bills. Thanks Mike! You are always there to help me and my family.

  75. I had a problem with malware & adware one day and called Mike at http://www.LogOnFixIt.com . They fixed the problem within a couple of hours! I have called them with networking problems with my childrens laptops and they got them working flawlessly!!!! All this done without leaving your home! Couldn’t be better. Great work Mike! You’re a lifesaver!

  76. I was reading a “Financial Blog” when my computer screen went blank, knowing it was a problem I couldn’t repair I called Michael at “LogOnFixIt.com”. I knew I was in good hands because he had repaired my computer in the past. Think about it, you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning you have a message that your computer is ready to go. No more unplugging all those connections and carrying everything out to the car and then waiting a week or more to get your equipment back. That’s not all either, he doesn’t want you to pay until you are satisfied that your computer problems have been corrected. Thanks again Michael, don’t know what I’d do without your service.

  77. My entire family, including the in-laws have been the beneficiary of Mike’s expertise at LogOnFiIt.com. He is very skilled resolving any computer issue you can come up with. He rescues us whether we are at home or on the road. In addition to that he is a super guy. He seems like one of the family.

  78. great job been having trouble with computer for months they fixed it in a couple hours runs great and fast

  79. I was so thrilled with the service of LogOnFixIt.com. Not only was the problem fixed completely, but my computer is much faster and easier to use! Thanks so much for the excellent service!!!

  80. We have used other services to fix our computer issues but LogOnFixIt.com is the only service that does it right. We are so pleased with their expertise we recommend them to not only other colleagues but our friends, too. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

  81. We were referred to LogOnFixit.com by a close friend. Our daughter had a serious problem with her DVD/CD drive. She couldn’t rip the songs from her new Justin Bieber CD into her iTunes account to listen to them on her iTouch..MAJOR DRAMA!. We simply logged on and it was fixed and up and running in just minutes. Then my mother-in-law was also have some simple problems with strange, unwelcomed pop-ups from her internet provided. She tried to get rid of them herself. No success. She called the internet provider, they said that they fixed the problem. They didn’t. So she logged on to LogOnFixit.com and again, the problem was fixed in just minutes and they even tuned up the computer to make it run a WHOLE LOT FASTER.

    Thank you LogOnFixit.com, keep up the great work!!!

  82. Great job michael. he fixed my pc beautifully. it runs great.. gave me peace of mind working with someone who kept in touch with me while i was at work thru text. i was worried at first because this was my first time of pc repair thru online service. not anymore. he is who ill go to from now on.. thank you again:)

  83. I was kind of scared to “let someone into” my computer, but I was forced to do it several times with Norton when I still got seized up with malicious attacks that shut down my system despite having virus control software. I believe someone from India logged on remotely and spent 5 minutes removing the block/s. And that was at least $90 and I felt Like I wanted more for my money. The next time I was having problems, I took a chance with LogOnFixIt even though my family thought I was crazy.Michael went in and for the same amount of money, he spent a few hours going through everything and clearing up the issues. So much more thorough!!! A huge bargain!! And he is pleasant and informative and fun to chat with. You just KNOW he will not cease and desist until he has investigated everything to your satisfaction. That’s the kind of personal service it is! I highly recommend it. Cheers!

  84. Had a great experience. My computer no longer freezes up. Michael was very nice and kind, thank God he knew I was not that teckno savvy. I feel better knowing he put a good virus protection software on my computer. Thanks for your help. I feel like I have someone to call now.

  85. Still using LogOnFixIt – 4 years and counting. It’s comforting to know they are there when you need them. The level of service remains constant at top notch. I don’t know what I’d do without them!

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  87. I will never use another remote service. I have in the past but now i found LogOnFixIt.Com, sorry you’re the best and you’re stuck with me. They have brought my computer back to life, explained stuff and must have a lot of patience. I am up and running again. I can not thank you enough. You are the best. Your site will be mentioned to any one with problems. I hope they won’t be to my degree! Thank you so much. LogOnFixIt the best.

  88. Thanks for honest and quick help.. It was a simple fix but I could not have done it myself.
    Will 100% recommend to friends and will use you when I need you

  89. Computer running like new again thanks to you LogOnFixIt.Com again

  90. My computer is back to normal again thanks to LogOnFixIt. I will never take my computer anywhere knowing I got such great service with LOFI. Thanks to Mike!

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  92. Logopnfixit picture is beside “customer satisfaction” in the dictionary. They are awsome!

  93. Thanks LogOnFixIt you are wonderfull and very very professional. I’m dealing with you for 22
    years and never had any problem and gettin excellent service for so many years.

    Thanks again
    Ike D.

  94. Can not say enough good things about your service, specially Michael. he is terrific. I have him go through my computer every year & once in awhile more than that if I have a specific problem.he has even worked on my 2 sons computers & they agree.. Thanks again & Merry Christmas & a great new year.

  95. I am so glad I found this service. Michael was great! Patient, professional, courteous and
    knowledgable. Great service.

  96. LogOnFixIt Thank you lots for preventing me from smashing laptop our of frustration!! I received more than expected with the service, will recommend and definitely use again 🙂

  97. Like the 100 before me, “best service ever” I have Michael check my computer every year, weather it needs it or not.

    • LogInFixit is the best my laptop was so messed up and they got it working, and did excellent work, best price, very honest and helpful. We will always come back for any problems we have again. It was fun watching him at work and I am telling everyone to use LogOnFixIt.com Thank You so much !!

  98. I meant to say that “Michael” was the one that worked on my laptop and did excellent work and we would like to thank him and LogOnFixIt ,Thank You again

  99. Michael was fantastic! I initially hired a company to remotely fix my computer and after 16 hours was still getting the “blue-screen”. I called Michael and he had it fixed in about 20 minutes. I absolutely recommend this service–fast, professional and friendly.

    Colleen, New Hampshire

    I CALL THIS GUY MICHAEL FROM LogOnFixIt.Com, Inc | Customer Service [cs@logonfixit.com] AND THEY FIX IT FOR ME,,,, ONES AGAIN THANKS MICHAEL..HIGH FIVE………………

  101. Thank you so much, its great to have everything working as it should.
    Michael you did a great job,I am now able to listen to the piano music when ever I feel like it
    Thanks Much

  102. I commend this excellent Company for the competence and knowledge it exhibited in restoring my 7 year old computer, which I was ready to discard. It was infested with viruses and errors, etc., when “FIXIT’ came to my rescue. After this Company toiled and figured everything out, I am so happy to say my computer is now void of all problems and running perfectly and much faster! I could not be more pleased and impressed, and highly recommend this fabulous Company!!

    Sally Jackson

  103. After having very poor experiences with computer repair stores in my neighborhood, I decided to try my luck online. I was VERY impressed with logonfixit’s remote computer repair. They are a very friendly and honest company and don’t try to add any repairs you don’t need. The best thing about logonfixit.com is that they follow up with you to make sure your computer is still working fine after they performed their services. Very satisfied!

  104. Mike with LogOnFixIt is fantastic. Not only did he solve our problem but the computer seems to run better. We have used similar companies over the years but none are as good as this one.

  105. My computer was a MESS! But Mike took over and worked miracles! I will never go anywhere else now for my computer issues. Very impressed with LogOnFixIt. I was able to go to work knowing my computer was in good hands and when I came home it was better than new!! Highly recommended !!!

  106. Thank you so much. You guys are awesome!!!

  107. Michael spent the weekend working on my machine. He also spent a goodly part of the weekend holding my hand telephonically as I freaked out at having broken a brand new computer. He remained calm, confident, and reassuring throughout the entire process, which helped me relax somewhat. Whenever our organization has an issue with a computer, we go to LogOnFixIt. We have never been disappointed, and Michael has never failed. We will continue to use them in the future.
    Great organization to work with – thank you so!

  108. Highly recommended. Knows his stuff, my computer runs better than ever. THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Can’t shout it enough.

  109. Thank you so much for cleaning up my computer.. You are prompt, awesome, warm and very friendly. I will let everyone know how great you are. Again Thank you. Bonnie Comita

  110. Michael did an awesome job of totally recovering my deeply infected laptop, working Sunday night until the job was done. Highly recommended!

  111. thank you michael. you always do more for me than I deserve. jm

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  113. Highly recommended LogonFixIt removed all the viruses on the computer fixed all the corrupted and missing files, installed virus protection and made the computer run like it was brand new again without losing any of my important files. Thanks so much guys!

  114. If you haven’t used this service, you don’t know what you are missing. Michael and his gang have kept my computers problem free for years.

  115. Another round of praise for LogOnFixIt. Super clean up job and confidence I’ve found my IT department. So pleased I’m going to interview Michael on my radio show, “Swim with Jim”

  116. I have to say Michael did not bat an eye during our phone conversation, just let’s log on and see what we got. It was approx. 8 hrs. Michael work diligently to clean, repair and renew my computer. I was so pleased with his professionalism and dedication to completing the task that took us into the midnight hour, I had my wife call to have Michael look at her laptop the next day. I would choose Logonfixit.com before even thinking about any of the other repair facilities, the cost and service cannot be beat.

  117. Thank you Michael for taking care of the problems with my PC. I am pleased with my new
    faster access. I would recommend your service to whoever would listen to me re PC service.
    Thank you again.

  118. Again Michael rides in on his white horse and saves my bacon once more….I had contracted some sort of nasty virus in my computer, and every minute or so my computer would turn off…I was about ready to light a match to my computer, but patiently Michael worked into the night, and in the morning all was well…Thanks again…

  119. So, so impressed with Mike’s work. I honestly thought I’d done it this time, but I yelled help and Mike was there in a nano second and didn’t stop working until my computer was finally smiling and happy. I can’t recomend this business highly enough, they are just fantastic. A sense of humour with it, and I’m a customer for life. I’ve been elsewhere and wont be going there again, cause these guys deliver tenfold what you get elsewhere. Love it…

  120. Thanks sooo much! My computer is back on track again – running as smooth and as fast as ever! I’ve been using LogOnFixIt.Com for over 3 years and have consistently been satisfied with their prompt response and exceptional service. I continue to send them referrals all the time.

  121. Micheal, thanks for getting the GUNK out of my computer! it now is like or better than it was when new! when I gunk it up next time I will be sure to call you. Thanks again. Jim…

  122. Michael, you are my 2nd Knight and Shinning Armour. You are very professional and very,very pleasant. Thank you so much or your expert work. I will come back if I need help in the future. I will tell everyone about you and put your name on our community help board.
    For computer disabled people.

  123. Michael goes the extra mile and then some. Got my computer back to good as new. Thanks Michael.

  124. Michael is my hero!! My computer was one step from the trash and he was able to make it like new again. He had me back up and running in less than a day. I will definatly recommend him to anyone having issues with their computer.

  125. LogOnFixIt did a great job running diagnostics and removing viruses from my laptop and desktop computers. He was very responsive and explained things in easy-to-understand ways. This is a great service!

  126. Just wanted to say that my tech was great! He was patient with my lack of knowledge and he made sure we addressed all my problems.

  127. Many thanks to Michael for the beginning to end superior repair experience. He went way above and beyond any expectations I had to include removing all of the stuff slowing my laptop down. I needed to mail my pc to him. The turnaround time was ‘amazingly fast.’ I will never take my pc to a repair shop again. LogOnFixIt all the way!

  128. What can I say? Life saver!!! Thanks Michael!!!! My computer runs better than when I first bought it!

  129. Hey we all know how great the guy is he is a american that takes pride in what he does and i want to thank him for all his time and patients so”” I thank you sir””.We must not try and do it all our selves when we have him on our side. once its fixed ” leave it alone” MIchael said and he is right…take care and have a great vacation…he is the man…you can put your computer in his hands..assuredly.. thumbs up….

  130. Thanks LogOnFixIt, My computer got a terrible virus and locked up, they were right there to fix all the problems. I haven’t seen any one more professional then them. What a life saver, thanks again.

  131. If I had taken it to the Geek Squad, they would have told me there was nothing they could do and I needed a new hard drive. For about the same price, LogOnFixIt got rid of the malware, got me a brand new screen, gave everything a good cleaning and dusting, and cured the system slowdown. Feels like a new computer. It’s also running much cooler than at any time in the past 3 years. And of course working with Dr. O is a total pleasure. Nobody does it better!

  132. LogOnFiIIt has done great work for me and I highly recommend them…..Jim Carns

  133. Thank you Mr. LogOnFixit! In the past I had been working with other companies for computer repairs. They would recommend to purchase this or you need this. Then the cost would be close to a used computer purchase. I stumbled upon LogonFixit and just wrote noted the toll number. I contacted them and at once they proceeded to diagnose. I was in need of my computer to work the next day and left logonfixit.com online repairing. This morning my computer is working faster with no freezes or interruptions. Thank you LogOnFixit for the repair while I slept!!

  134. Service above and beyond, all problems solved, terrific follow-up. I’m an utter computer dunce, and you didn’t make me feel stupid! I’ll recommend you to anyone and everyone. Thank you so much for making this such a pleasant and painless encounter.

  135. Great job! Great customer service! I highly recommend LogOnFixit.Com!!

  136. Thank you again! Michael, once again you have made me so happy that I purchased your services it has been worth every penny.

  137. Thank you so much for the fantastic service! I was so pleased that I posted this on facebook this morning. I feel like I just brought home a brand new computer!

  138. Let me tell you how good this is: They don’t even ask for a credit card until they’re done and your computer is fixed. Their whole business model assumes you’ll be so pleased you’ll gladly pay an invoice they send via email. That’s how confident they are, and you can be, that they’ll get the job done.

    After spending days trying to clean off a redirect virus I decided to pick an online repair service. Stab in the dark, I picked this one. So glad I did. They fixed what none of the software packages could either fix or prevent. While various scans and updates were running my tech cleaned up a bunch of other stuff and left my computer running better than it has in years.

    My tech manually hunted down evey little piece of a very tough virus. Now everything is better than before. The cost was less than 2 years of my antivirus package that didn’t work. Now I’m using a free package, available to anyone, that works better. I actually saved money by getting this service!

  139. I’m joining the fan club! New computer, instant nasty things were happening – I called on a Sunday and he jumped right in – I could tell I can trust this guy. Plus, I actually had fun working with him! So much patience. You deserve a medal. Michael you are my go-to computer guy and a new friend on the planet. Mahalo!

  140. I am very satisfied with the wonderful job Michael did foxing my computer. I had a nasty virus amongst a few other things that made my laptop nearly unusable, but Michael kept plugging away at it until it was totally fixed. He was vey patient as I was in the middle of a difficult time , health wise. He was understanding and explained things as we went along to try to did the multible problems. he also made quite a few suggestions for better computing in general, and how to spot trouble before it escalates into something major.
    Thanks Michael !
    p.s. I am also going to have him check over my son’s computer , it’s not running well either & Michael is the one I trusty to fix it ~~

  141. I had a great experience with logonfixit.com. Their customer service is excellent! They remotely took care of my computer issues. It took longer than they intially expected, but they didn’t quit until they got it done and made sure I was satisfied! I am. I recommend them. Thank you for the job well done!

  142. This is a wonderful thing. I worked on the computer for weeks and tried all different fixes. Nice to have a resource that is not overpriced and ineffective. Thank you for all the hard work.

  143. i must say the service that this company provided was great. i dealt with a gentleman named MIke and he was super professional and did a great job fixing my computer. it runs great now and issue free. thanks very much for the work you put in and i will definitly spread the word.

  144. My computer runs smoothly now. Unlike recent repair technicians I’ve had, LogOnFixIt actually knew what they were doing. Thanks!

  145. LogOnFixIt (Mike) went far beyond what was necessary to ensure my computer was up and running. They are professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend using their services and will absolutely use them again. Mike, you rock!!

  146. The service and attention to detail is simply the best I have seen on the internet (I am 72 and have seen a lot). And to top it off the price is fantastic. Thank you – thank you – Ken G

  147. The service and attention to detail is simply the best I have seen on the anywhere. My computers are running better than when new. I have a new and better antivirus program. The other computer had been attempted by another company who wanted and outrageous price and never even got logged on! Great service and to top it off the price is fantastic. Thank you very much, Dr. Ryan Moore

  148. Thanks so very much for repairing my computer. It was loaded with malware and viruses and Mike cleaned it all up, set up new antivirus software, and made everything run great. I would definitely recommend this to others. The price was very fair too. Thanks again.

  149. thanks so much for fixing my computer. ive tried alot of companys before and u are the best u have me as a customer for life thanks alot mike

  150. This is about the best service I have ever gotten for a computer. I had one guy work on it remotely the day before, he couldn’t fix it but still charged. Logonfixit worked at it into the night and had the perfect solution done before he charged me. I know i will be back and tell my friends.

  151. I’m on the third different computer untangle! Michael is patient as well as computer savvy.
    Service is great, price is great and now Michael is my “go to” guy! I am his local referral source.

  152. These guys are GREAT! They are friendly, competent and,above all, honest. I asked for a service to be re-done and they did it promptly and at no charge.

  153. I can’t thank you enough! I would highly recommend your company to anyone. Friendly, competent service. My PC is running like brand new.

  154. Your service is absolutely the best. The fact that you advertise that if we do not fix it you do not pay is without a doubt the best in the business. Your quality of service is second to none. I will be back soon! Thanks and I will refer everyone I know. I will share you on my FB page!

  155. Really, really, really amazing work! I spent an entire weekend trying to solve the problem myself (I am somewhat technically competent)…with no results. Was about to give up and reformat, and reinstall entire system. LogonFixIt saved the day! Computer is running better than it ever has (even compared to when it was brand new)! Will recommend to everyone…truly a great service. Thank you!

  156. Do not hesitate to use this service. LogOnFixIt called me 30 minutes later and spent the whole afternoon remotely fixing everything. Now I don’t even need to pay for anti virus software so it almost pays for itself. Great service at a great price.

  157. A big thumbs up for Michael and LogOnFixIt.com! My computer was infected with a very bad virus, and nothing I did got rid of it. In desperation I contacted LogOnFixIt.com hoping that they could solve my problem. I spoke with Michael and he gave me a price based on the time he estimated it would take to repair my computer. Well, it took much longer, but Michael stayed with it. He was on the computer when I woke up in the morning (he is west coast, I am east coast), and he was still working on it when I went to bed. His tenacity finally paid off…not only did he get rid of that virus, but also all the annoying issues that pop up on the internet over time. My computer is running like new. He was great to work with…I highly recommend Michael and LogOnFixIt.com.

  158. LogOnFixIt.com is the absolute best computer repair company I have ever done business with! Mike is absolutely the best as the other compliments have stated. He will do whatever it takes to get the job done and in the day and time that is a dying (or dead) breed of folks! He is as tenacious as he is smart. I highly recommend this company to anyone with a virus, poorly installed software, etc. to try them and if you do, you will never go elsewhere! Thanks for once again a job well done!

  159. So far, I am very impressed! Mike got my laptop running smooth again! So much cheaper than the other online fix it company I’ve tried! And way faster! The other one took over 24 hrs and LogOnFixIt was done in 3 hrs!!

  160. Amazing competence, affordable prices. Michael just finished #4 computer for our family.
    Two were “fried”. they work fine now. Wonderful to work with. Patient and clear in instructions. My “go to” guy!

  161. Very helpful and knowledgeable they worked quickly and got the job done right. I recommend them to anyone losing a fight with there computer.

  162. I have to take my hat off to Fixit.com and Mike, I was looking to find a reputable online service. I tried to contact another online repair company who advertised for less and said they were 24 hours, but they would not answer there phones, online chat was down, and they did not respond to emails. I sent the request to Fixit and within minutes Mike was at work on my computer. It took him about 6 hours but it is running like new. The cost was only $30 more then the other place, but Mike’s customer service skills and knowledge was well worth it. If I have any friends or family who needs technical help they are our people.

  163. Heaven, I’m in heaven! Mike, you amazed me with your speed and competence. It’s nice to know when I need something done, I do not have to lug the machine to a local store. You were like a chess master giving a simultaneous exhibition. Going from one machine to the next whenever the hourglass was present. Bravo.

  164. Thanks once again to Log on fix it. I was having issues today gave them a call and Mike had it fixed in no time. I have people in my area that do this, but I feel a real trust with Mike. Trust is very important to me so any problems I go here. Thanks so much, again.

  165. This was my second time using Log On Fix It. Not am I only pleased with the work I am very impressed with the integrity of the company. I must have forgotten the word guarantee as it is used so frequently these days but rarely does anyone honor it. But this company does when I had problems with a Toshiba Laptop worked on February 2014 and a problem reoccurred with the same PC yesterday I fully expected to be charged for restoring it. But they worked on it all night long at no charge. It is now fully restored for no additional charge and that impresses me as much as their ability to fix the problem. I highly recommend them and wouldn’t even consider using any other company for my PC issues. I have used other companies and when you call them back you are charged even if its the same issue. The company I used before was Xfinity Signature Support and they were not as skilled and you were billed every-time you called. Further they refused to download programs and when they did for their use they removed Avast browser clean up and Adw cleaner (which I could have used in the future). When I asked why they said it was Company policy. My guess is they did want you to be able to clean your own computers. They went out of business but I have those programs on my PC’s now thanks to Log On Fix It.. I highly recommend them and wouldn’t even consider using another company I did try another company before I found Log On Fix It and they couldn’t even log on to the PC and wanted about $300 to repair and guarantee the repair. I’m so glad I was able to find Log On Fix it. A reputable, able and honest company…

  166. This is my first time using Log on Fix It, and it will not be the last. I was very impressed with the person that helped me, he was VERY good at what he does and it is great to still be able to find an honest company. THANK YOU!

  167. THANK YOU!THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!I I cant say enough about Mike. He is a true professional with what he does. He has helped me time & time again. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  168. Excellent service. I am 77 years old and not very computer savvy. Micheal walked me through it and made it easy. Patient and very good , also very quick and smart. I could not have been happier.

  169. Great service!!!! Thank a million Michael!!!!

  170. My husband and I we are speechless that we have found a solid trustworthy company. They deliver all of the service that promise and then some. Our pc has never worker better & quicker just as the day we purchase. We will refer our employer, family, and friends! Thanks again for such a great job!

  171. Your service is awesome!

  172. I was getting ready to pack up my laptop and take to the nearest computer repair store and, for some reason, I opted to go online to search for online technicians…what a treat I found Logonfixit.com. TOTALLY SAVED MY DAY (and my laptop).

    YES I am extremely impressed with the quality of service I received from my virtual service technician Michael. He was knowledgeable, friendly, reliable and, most importantly, he got the job done in a VERY timely manner.

    I never had to leave my house and ALL the work was done remotely. It turns out my laptop had severe virus infections and, believe it or not, the Logonfixit.com team identified the problem and fixed the problems completely – in a matter of hours (not days) and for an extremely reasonable rate!

    I will be back for sure when I need them for other tech services and I completely recommend anyone to use their services.

  173. Wow! I just wanted to come back and let everyone know that LogOnFixIt.com really stands by their work and their statement that they fully guarantee the work they do. After a couple of days of getting my computer de-bugged of viruses, I had another incident occur. I simply called Michael and he and his crew took care of the glitch IMMEDIATELY. No problems whatsoever. And better yet. The work they did was stellar and my virus situation has gone away. Definitely recommend these guys.

  174. I was hesitant to use an on-line service because you really never know who’s on the other end. I spoke with Michael and he was very nice and professional, so I figured what the heck. He worked his magic, I went to sleep & when I woke up Wa La! My computer was working amazing! I am SO happy! I can’t say enough & highly recommend them.

  175. I was ready to ditch my laptop as it was totally unusable, but I thought I would give it one last show and contacted Michael at LogOnFixIt, what a great job he did in cleaning up all things that were affecting it. he also gave me tips about how to prevent this going forward. I was so happy I had him look at my new computer too, so now BOTH are working wonderfully!!

  176. Another life customer gained here today. Great work and professional service. Mike worked on it through the night and when I woke up this morning my desktop was back to normal and my files open… Awesome!

  177. Thank you Michael for fixing our computer. We are thrilled to be able to use it again. I called you because you fixed my moms computer a year or so ago and I am so glad I did! don’t ever retire!

  178. Three words will describe Mike.. Awesome, honest, and caring. I love him. He’s never let me or my family down.. Our computers are like new. We love him.. Again, thanks Mike. You’re the King of remote repair.

  179. Excellent Service and Immediate response. This guy is the best tech person I’ve dealt with over my 20 years on the internet. He wastes no time in getting down to the nitty gritty. Thanks Mike.

  180. Plain and simple they fixed the problem quickly. The technician was very friendly and informative during the process

  181. I have been dealing with LogOnFixIt for several years without any problems. I recommend him highly and refer him whenever a friend needs help. LogOnFixIt, you are the best!

  182. AMAZING! Fantastic service, took all the frustration out of fixing my computer. Mike is the BEST!! I recommend them hands down!!

  183. GREAT service!!!! Super quick and efficient work!!! Michael just fixed our computers in a split of a second.

  184. What a wonderful site! I got fixed right up by really wonderful repair tech. I can’t say enough about this site. Don’t hesitate if you need help,come here

  185. I am so pleased with the help I get from Logonfixit. Need I say more….Great Service!!

  186. Thanks LogOnFixIt for the great job you did on my messed up computer also all the time and effort you put into it.

  187. About 2 years ago I began experiencing problems with my PC in that I could not install updates to the OS (Windows 7). This was of great concern for security reasons. I called a remote service I had used before. They diligently worked on the problem for about 48 hours then informed me it could not be fixed unless I re-installed the OS which implied re-installation of all applications. This was extremely problematic for reasons I won’t bore you with. After a few months I called a second company with essentially the same result. I felt as though I was sitting on a powder keg as far as security breeches was concerned.
    Recently I ran across an advert by logonfixit in which it was emphasized that if they couldn’t repair the problem you paid nothing. I decided to give it a try. Within a few hours the problem was completely resolved and the OS completely updated which involved the installation of almost 500 patches. All of this for a very reasonable price. I really liked my old remote service but they just don’t measure up to logonfixit standards. Needless to say, I am now a convert.

  188. Nothing but positive things to say about Logonfixit.com. Extensive knowledge and expertise at very reasonable prices. And Mike could not be any nicer and more instructive.

  189. I had a problem losing connection to my Microsoft e-mail account, so I called Microsoft , after 15 hours and three days they conceded they couldn’t fix it and refunded my $99.99. I finally got tired of rewriting my emails as I was typing them and found mike who is VERY knowledgeable . in 3 hours ( i didn’t even have to sit by the computer ) the problem was solved and very fair priced. I will promote him to anyone I know who has computer problems……

  190. Superior service at an affordable price. My Virus/Adware was very deep and took a few hours to resolve. LogOnFixIt.Com was patient and thorough and charged the same low price. They even installed free virus protection. System works great now!

    • Hello I wanted to see about hiring you to see why my computer runs so slow. It might be a virus or maybe too many virus programs. Nothing serious but the slowness drives me crazy. Thank you

      Bye Bob Bob Axmear 208 2nd St Ne Waukon, Ia 52172 http://hostalibrary.org/

  191. I was browsing the internet looking for a company to fix my ratty ole laptop! Ran into LogOnFixIt.com and I could have found a better service than this. they were more than professional and efficient. Kept me updated on progress and when my laptop would be ready. VERY SATISFIED and now they have a LIFE long customer. Thanks LogMeOnFixIt!!! Bryan From God’s Country-Texas!!!

  192. LogOnFixIt is great, Michael saves me on almost a weekly basis. Thanks for all the help!

  193. Great job. I am very pleased, my computer is working like new again.

  194. It is difficult to choose the words to describe the incredible techs from Logonfixit.com who worked on my computer, and their meticulous attention to detail. Actually, think of every exemplary adjective and adverb you can: all of them apply to everything they said and did.

    Like many others writing here, I was sure only a new computer would correct the mess my operating system was in. But the instant I spoke with Michael, I knew I had chosen the right company. Besides inspiring confidence, he listened to me with care, concern and respect, no matter how absurd my theories of what my troubles were. He also has a great sense of humor and knows when and when not to use it.

    I should mention that at no time was I ever asked for my credit card, I was told the work would be done and if I was completely satisfied, I would then receive their bill. And the price quoted for their complete service was exceptionally modest. But I did not know this when I decided to work with them.

    Not requiring a credit card before starting their work should tell you all you need to know about this company’s philosophy and work ethic.

    Michael worked many hours, calling me every so often when my computer would lock out his remote connection–and he even apologized for bothering me while fixing MY mess.

    After Michael ran a long process, I received a call from Ricky, Michael’s collegue in India, where it was a more reasonable time for him to take over. Ricky is as delightful, kind, polite, efficient and just as full of unique approaches to computer troubles as Michael is.

    The two men worked a total of nearly 48 hours on my laptop. They cleaned everything out that should not have been on my system, replaced my chosen “helpful programs” with truly helpful programs, and have my computer running like it is brand new.

    Despite the horrendous amount of time Michael and Ricky spent working for me, I was charged exactly the original fee Michael quoted. I am embarrassed to say that it works out to be a good deal less than $3 an hour. Their work is guaranteed for 90 days, and if I need any help beyond that time, the charge for future service will be about one/third of the original tiny fee.

    I should really not emphasize the cost, as the best part was dealing with two terrific men who were consistently upbeat and encouraging and never got irritated, annoyed or upset in any way—even when I had to search for cables or printer manuals, hit the wrong keys, disconnected them, etc.–and I know both men had to be exhausted–Ricky worked 36 hours straight with only a short break, and perhaps even longer. Also, the work began Friday night at 5pm my time and ended early Sunday evening.

    This review will be their 52nd positive review on the Better Business Bureau’s website with no negative or even neutral reviews. Naturally they have an A+ rating.

  195. I’m illiterate when it comes to computer technology, I’m self employed and my business demands that my computer is operating efficiently. Over the years I’ve depended upon a number of other remote services for technical assistance.
    I’m still blown away by the level of personal service I recently received from Mike at LogMeOnFixIt. I won’t repeat all the good things from other posts except to say Thank you.

    I encourage anyone needing technical assistance…look no further.

  196. I have used many tech services over the past decade – but none as efficient, dependable and professional at LogOnFixIt. I discovered them online when I was in a crisis with malware on a weekend over 2 years ago. The response was immediate – and they went over and above what needed to be done. Their fees are extremely reasonable and they always guaranty their service. I have been using them – and referring them to friends and family, ever since. Highly recommend….

  197. Super awesome customer service. They were extremely helpful and they were able to fix all our computer problems.

  198. Mike thank you so much for repairing my sons computer. You are my new best friend. You took a totally infected computer and made it good as new. And you were there for us totally. I shipped the computer out across the country and you kept me informed every step of the way.
    I will recommend you to anyone who needs help.

  199. Michael – thanks, as always, for GREAT service. My computer is in excellent condition after the work that you provided. Quick, perfect and very professional. Glad to are always available to assist us. Highly recommend you to EVERYONE.

  200. I do not think there is enough time to say how happy I am with Michael and Ricky! I am utterly grateful at Ricky’s patience and expertise. Michael and Ricky had stellar customer service and even worked around my horrendous work schedule. I will always turn to you guys for my computer needs. Highly recommended!! Thank you guys so much!

  201. I’ve been a client (& now friend) of Michael @ LogOnFixIt.Com [tel: 1-877-405-3059] for 3-4 years. I am thrilled with the quality of service and measure of professionalism with every (remote) service call. Michael appears to be available 24/7. No job is too big or too small. Cost is important to me and LogOnFixIt.com has always billed me at a reasonable rate. On completion of a service call there is a follow-up inquiring about the experience. Only after the customer reviews the work and acknowledges that all in fine that one receive a bill. I highly recommend Michael and his firm!

  202. This company has superb first class quality service in every aspect! LogOnFix.com don’t stop until the job is complete to your satisfaction and your computer is up & running like new. Total professional service from the beginning to end. This company is complete service & quality 24/7. I refer to my family, friends, and colleagues.

  203. You are not going to believe this but I contacted “LOGONFIXIT.com on Christmas day because of computer problems and they were on my computer the next day cleaning up the computer and removing unwanted pop-up problems. If you are having problems with your computer give them a try you will not be disappointed. http://www.LogonFixIt.com

  204. I love LogonFixit. There the best. Very Professional, Friendly, Accurate and Quick with resolving the issue. I’ve been using them for all of my computer issues especially virus remobal and I wouldn’t dare use another company. Thanks again for always fixing my computer issues.

  205. Logonfixit has been a long my friend of ours Michael is fantastic if you have computer problems call logonfixit they have the answers very professional and timely absolutely wonderful people to work with don’t hesitate to call them if you have a problem with your computer!

  206. A great result quickly arrived at. Michael was also very helpful with other issues that came up in the course of our discussion of the original problem. Highly recommended.

  207. Excellent service. I called with a minor problem and the tech fixed it for free. It took him about ten minutes and everything works fine now. You can’t get better than free and I will certainly use them again as needed.

  208. I am extremely pleased with the service I received from LogOnFixIt. The quality of their service is superior, and their friendly, personal concern reminds me of the way things “used to be” . . . something rarely seen today. I highly recommend LogOnFixIt.com

  209. I have been using the remote computer repair services of logonfixit since 2007. Service is consistently fast, friendly, honest and reliable! Always! I wish there were more companies like this one who exceeded expectations. Logonfixit does it every single time!!

  210. I couldn’t be happier. The service was prompt and very thorough. My PC is running smoothly again. The tech was very courteous and explained everything that he did. The price was reasonable for the amount of time spent. Just not having to bring the PC to a physical store and leave it for days is worth the price. I strongly recommend LogOnFixIt.com.

  211. I’ve been using LogOnFitit.Com for years. If these guys cannot resolve the problem there is no charge. My older HP computer is running on XP and I tend to get viruses that slows the unit to a snails gallop. One call to them and it’s up and running at the speed of lighting.Their charge is very reasonable considering the amount time it takes to clean up all the problems.

  212. A certain degree of anxiety is expected when making a decision to allow a company to have access remotely to my computer….especially when I have never done business with them before. I was experiencing the dreaded “blue screens” on my primary and personal desktop PC. The multiple positive reviews and recommendations motivated me to try LogOnFixIt.com. While the process was lengthy and involved more that one session, the company and in particular the technician that did the work deserves high praise for courtesy, professionalism and quality of work. I gladly recommend them to others.

  213. Truly the best. I have tried several until I stumbled onto LogOnFixIt. The techs are the best & you are billed AFTER total satisfaction!

  214. UPDATE: Just a few days after my desktop PC was repaired, my laptop also started getting blue screens! Murphys Law had struck – “whatever can go wrong will go wrong.” Once again, the LogOnFixit technician was available as soon as I requested assistance and the same level of expertise and professionalism was the pattern for the second repair. He even gave a generous discount for being a repeat customer!

  215. I have been doing business with this company for several years. The superb quality, ethics, and honesty keeps me doing continued business. It’s a rare find in today society to find true top notch service. I reccomend them to family/friends across the state & they agree excellent service from start to finish. My son has a i5 desktop that he’s so happy about & that company once again delivered the total package!

  216. Everything is great. It was just a simple problem but the technician fixed it quickly. I will definitely be going to you all for my future problems. I’m not the best tech guy so i’m sure that will be soon. Thank you so much.

  217. This company has superb first class quality service in every aspect! LogOnFixit.com don’t stop until the job is complete to your satisfaction and your computer is up & running like new. Total professional service from the beginning to the end. This company is complete service & quality 24/7. I refer my family, friends, and colleagues.

  218. They saved me! I run a small business and I live and die by my PC working correctly. I came to the office to find that my PC upgraded itself to Windows10. Windows 10 does not recognize my PDF files. I was completely shut down. I contacted LogOnFixIt.Com and they said they could correct the issue. If a few short hours, I was back to Windows 8.1 and everything worked correctly, plus my PC was faster than before. Money well spent. I was back in business. I would recommend them to anyone with computer issues. They will get up and running again!

  219. The best service I ever had Mike Load Windows 10 I was able to find everything after he was done. He also helped me with how to use parts of Windows 10. MY PC is faster then it has ever been. THE BEST MONEY I EVER SPENT

    Stan 5/21/2016

  220. I am a born skeptic. I use my computer to earn my living, so I was nervous about having my computer repaired remotely. This turned out to be the best decision I could have made.. LogOnFixIt went above and beyond to get me up and running. I didn’t have to waste time taking my computer to a shop to be repaired, thus losing days of work. My computer is like new! They even followed up with me the next day to make sure everything was working. I would give them 10 stars if I could. Excellent service!! I will definitely use again and refer my friends.

  221. WOW!!! That is how I feel about my experience with LofOnFixIt. Never could I have imagined a greater experience than putting my trust in these folks to fix the multitude of problems I had with my home computer. I am not a tech person and I had to completely put my trust in their work and I am more than satisfied. My brother led me to them and I will give high praise and recommendation to everyone I ever contact about computer solutions. THANKS AGAIN !

  222. Outstanding. I have used you guys several times and my computer was always fixed perfectly and in a timely manner. Thanks

  223. I love this service! My computer fixer Mike from California. Is awesome always kind and patience with me and my non computer mind. Dose amazing work. Love love love this company. The prices charged a descent also. Mike works very hard to have my computer working at top shape for me. Thank you.

  224. I’ll keep this simple. I know my way around computer problems, but this was the best money I ever spent. What he did was WAY beyond my understanding, but my Edsel is now a Ferrari again! Awesome!

  225. Mike
    Thanks again for the great service with my computer.
    I will be recommending to all my friends.

  226. It is never a good time to have computer problems or to be hacked…
    Over the past couple of years I have had both several times. Times when you are desperate and not sure whether to scratch your butt or wind your watch….. I must say….calling Mike at LogOn fix it is the best thing that a person can do if you find yourself in a bad situation.. Mike is courteous, knowledgeable, fast and very reasonably priced. I recommend this guy to all my friends and family. He will not dissapoint. Life is good again…Thanks

  227. worked with Michael, very informative, and very helpful. Greatly appreciate your help, thanks again.

  228. Logonfixit one of my best experiences on the internet. My call was answered on the first ring and from then on it was a great experience.

    The tech told me what the cost would be I agreed but he never asked for any payment information and listened to my description of the problem and then went right to work.
    He spent the next 4 hours working on my computer and when he was done my computer performed better than ever.

    How do they make money? 4+ hours of technical work for $149 what an amazing deal.

    I now have a better than new blazing fast computer and a company that I can contact in the future with complete confidence if I ever need service again! Bravo Logonfixit Bravo!

  229. I have been a long time client of “Logonfixit”. Just recently I was having problems logging on, I called my internet provider and they were unable to help me and suggested that I call the maker of my Router. This I did and was on the phone for 3 hours and they were unable to solve the problem but suggested that I buy 6 months of extended warranty for my router. Finally I found the phone number of “Logonfixit” . Problem solved without and input from my end. Try them for any problem, even a general computer clean up, you will not be sorry.

  230. Log on Fix It is the best! Thankyou!

  231. LogOnFixIt.Com has fixed our 4 computers for many years; AND done a spectacular job, at a reasonable price!!! They really know what they are doing for both desktops, and laptops. I recommend them without hesitation. John, PhD & Barbara

  232. LogOnFixIt.com is the best remote service I have found. I was dealing with a DNS issue and emailed them. They logged in for the evaluation and in 10 minutes I was fixed. He also was kind with suggestions on programs pros and cons. I have been an owner of an IT business and know the value of excellent technical service. ** I will definitely keep LogOnFixIt.com on speed dial.
    Thanks again

  233. I had a problem and called Logonfixit and in 10 minutes during the evaluation it was fixed. They did not charge me. I have used remote services in the past but they always want add on services that are not needed. A one time $99 fee ends up at $ 200 to $ 300 by the time you are finished.
    Highly recommended!!
    This company is certainly my go to remote support !
    Thanks Logonfixit!!

  234. Thanks to LogOnFixIt!! Always there to get an old computer user out of trouble. I’ve got complete trust in these guys! Recommend them to any and every one. Great help, got your number in my phone, too!! July 18, 2017
    Thanks again! Ted White, Canton, TX

  235. Mike helped me about 2 years ago and it was great. Had a change of computers and LOST the contact info for LogOnFixIt – much to my disappointment. In the past year I’ve ended up working with a couple of places that I won’t name – but it was negative experiences both times. Today – had a problem and RAVI jumped online with me for almost an hour – dealing with GoDaddy, GMail and HostGator – and ultimately directed me to my vendors to resolve their issues… and refused payment! How do you beat these guys? I don’t think you can and now…. I’m getting LogOnFixIt.com tattood on my body so I never forget who to call! Thanks again!!

  236. I thought it was Hammer Time for my aging Toshiba Satellite laptop affectionately known as Shiba. To say she was slow was an understatement, it was click and snooze followed by a frosty freeze. No less than 153 issues were contributing to the problems and Ravi squelched those PDQ.

    Long story short, it took three sessions to get the myriad of problems plaguing Shiba resolved. Here’s the thing though, they hung in there until it was fixed and I was happy-happy. You can’t ask for more than that and there’s no denying the Logonfixit.com team is too legit to quit.

  237. Fabulous job repairing what two other companies couldn’t do…,great expertise
    great guidance..,thank you

  238. Seamless tech support from real live humans with hearts! Won’t stop till every last problem is fixed and you are 100% happy. Sets the standard — no need to go elsewhere for support.


  240. Look no further

    I found Logonfixit.com with a google search and couldn’t be more satisfied. I had them check out 2 laptops so far and their service is excellent. Free diagnostics as advertised. The Windows computer had a host of various virus and malware which they removed at their basic rate and the older Macbook was fine regarding viruses but slow as could be, no charge. They recommended replacing the hard drive with an SSD, for which I thought was a bargain price, so I decided to go for it. Mailed it out to them they turned it around quick and returned to me. It’s like a new computer. Never had any pressure by the logonfixit team, very thorough & professional. No up front payment required, you are invoiced after the work is done and you pay when you are satisfied with their work. I will use no other repair service from now on. I highly recommend this company to anyone needing a geek.

  241. WOW!!! Best tech support EVER!!! I heard about them from my Dad who heard about them from a friend of his (word of mouth is the only thing you can trust when looking for computer help). I’m so grateful to have them! I signed up for the yearly package and I can call them as much as I want! They fix it so fast and so friendly! I’ve been telling everyone about them!!! THANK YOU LOGONFIXIT!!!!!!!

  242. LogOnFixit saved me again! Finding this company has really been a life changer for my family of 5 computers. Incredible response times, friendly service. It is a pleasure to work with LogOnFixit – thank you!

  243. I endured a pain-staking long-winded phone call with a Microsoft Hub technician today trying to find the root problem to a user account issue related to administrator rights. The Microsoft technician was not able to arrive at a solution. To make a long story short, the team at LogOnFixit.com were able to get to the source of the problem with competency and speed. Plus, Mike and Ravi are really “good people.” They were patient, kind, respectful and honest. I would not hesitate recommending my grandmother to this company!

  244. I was concerned about allowing remote access, fearing it was a scam from Eastern Europe! Tech company is in California. In the past I’ve found a “tech” on Craig’s List; two of the three knew less than I do. LOFI solved the problem in 15 minutes, made me productive again. HIGHEST recommendation! Charged me much less than I’d expected, got me back to work immediately.

  245. SUPER AWESOME JOB! Mike is the greatest. He’s friendly, helpful, and funny. Thanks so much for an awesome job cleaning my horrible computer.

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