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Logonfixit.com Diagnoses and repairs your computer remotely while you watch. If we cant fix, it you don’t Pay! Heres wat folks are saying: Shannon Miller on Remote Online Computer Re…Nicole from Drakesvi… on Remote Online Computer Re…wm van NiedekKingsto… on Remote Online Computer Re…Todd Riverside Ca on Remote Online Computer Re…John, Collegeville, … on Remote Online Computer Re…

  1. I had 2 dell laps that were in real bad shapes. They got them both working like brand new but with updated software and virus ware. I cant say enough about one of their techs. He was relentless. Like a doctor performing surgery. I will recommend them to anyone who will need any work done on their pcs. THANKS AGAIN.

  2. Mike, Again you are the MAN and continue to be. Thank you much and looking forward to seeing you on the 10th.

  3. Mike
    I can’t say enough about how you have helped me out over the years, but can you change your advert. about should I leave my computer on or not? Earl (your Canadian connection)

  4. We are so delighted with Logonfixit, . Remote repair.
    Each time we have had problems, they are fixed and we’re good to go.
    Thank you Mike!!

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