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Defeating Keyloggers
LogOnFixIt Users,

Security is knowing how to stay safe. It can also be information you can use to improve your life or standard of living.

In our case, at Sunbelt Security News it is providing you with the knowledge to protect your computer and family and information. This is our job as we see it. Our goal is to see that you have the necessary tools to take care of “business”, and we always are interested in your input.

Lately many of you have been concerned with Keyloggers, the practice of logging keys as you touch them on the keyboard. It is often done for nefarious purposes like capturing passwords and other vitally important information. I talked our Support Manager, Mike Williams on how to defeat these buggers. Check it out in “Dirty Tricks”.

Also in Dirty Tricks is some valuable information about the recent outbreak of spam that appears to come from your own email address. It seems that there has been some hacking going on.

I Am the Patchman

Today being the second Tuesday of the month, means it is ‘Microsoft Patch Tuesday’. Per Microsoft, there will be 13 updates and fixes, eight of them critical. You may have been hearing about some vulnerabilities in Adobe especially Reader and Acrobat which puts PDF files at risk. Patches are scheduled for today for those products so make sure you get them. If you have your PC set for automatic updates, they will be installed by themselves. If you have not, in many cases you will see a new yellow shield in the bottom right task tray. Make sure to click on that shield and install the updates. If you do not see the yellow shield, make sure to go to the windows update site and let Microsoft update your PC. This is free, but you have to run Internet Explorer when you do this, and you may need to install an add-on via the yellow bar at the top:
click here

Customer Service
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