LogOnFixIt™ is a remote online computer repair service that can help you when:

Your computer crashes or takes a long time to start

You have pop ups asking you to do virus scans or purchase virus removal tools

You need help configuring your wireless, home or business networks

You need antivirus solutions with a special LogOnFixIt.Com™ configuration

We also have small business solutions, network configuration virus and Spyware control

Here is how it works:

Fill out the 3 field form or call 877-405-3059
We send you an LogOn™ authorization E-mail
We Logon and Fix It While you watch Safely and Secure
We use the same software that NASA, AT&T and Most Major Corporations

An expert service technician connects to your computer via a secure remote connection
Reviews performance issues with you, and recommends a solution

Remove Spyware & Viruses while you Watch

Detect and eliminates dangerous threats

We Logon and Fix It if: Your computer is displaying pop-ups and unusual content

Your home page changes unexpectedly

Your computer’s performance is slow and unstable

We also:
Perform a full system scan to evaluate issues affecting performance

Fine-tune key areas to improve speed and stability

Assess and ensure comprehensive protection and security

Recommend steps to ensure top performance

Configure networks, Printers, Scanners and just about anything you can think of

Provide assistance with all major programs and software i.e. Microsoft, Adobe, Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Dreamweaver Etc

  1. Hello LogOnFixIt,
    Iris Biagioli has recommended that I contact you regarding several fundamental computer issues.
    Pc is slow and does strange.
    I have it backup up on carbonite.com but wondering if it needs a good cleaning/defraging/etc.

    Also for Nature’s Equity website:
    it’s a flash site (launched in 1994) that needs to be updated, but we’d prefer to keep the same look. Original flash files are lost so we will need someone to rebuild the flash, guessing that will cost less than designing and publishing a whole new site. Your response and feedback seriously anticipated. Best, Jan Graff

  2. LoOnFixIt has been helping me keep my older computer running smoothly for some time. It would be toast if not for Michael’s help. I strongly recommend his expert service!

  3. I can not give my technician Michael enough credit. Ive had computer guys before, but after dealing with Logon Fix it i will never use anyone other than Michael or LoginFixit. He spent almost 4 hours last week getting me up and running. The other guy told me i needed to send my computer to Seattle so he could fix it. Today i upgraded my drive to a Samsung SSD. My speed was great once Michael, but it’s even faster since he installed the SSD. This computer has never run this good. Strongly recommend LogonFixIt to anyone who needs computer issues taken care of

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